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On adore les photos de ce compte Instagram qui célèbre les papas !

Lors des 9 mois de grossesse c’est maman qui porte bébé bien au chaud, qui le dorlote dans son ventre. Mais une fois qu’on est rentré à la maison avec le bout de chou, plus rien n’empêche papa de câliner. Alors pour rendre hommage à tous les papas et futurs papas, un compte Instagram a été créé dans le but que nos hommes soient aussi mis en valeur.

Sur ce compte Instagram, les papas sont à l’honneur et on adore !

Sur le compte Instagram Dontforgetdads (n’oubliez pas les papas en français), de nombreux pères postent leurs photos en compagnie de leurs précieux petits bouts de chou. Comme le dit si bien le slogan du tee-shirt qui apparaît dans plusieurs des posts de ce compte « Je ne fais pas du baby-sitting, je parente ». On peut ainsi admirer de nombreux papas jouant avec leurs petits bouts, les nourrissant ou encore faisant une sieste avec bébé. En tout cas, aussi impliqués soient-ils dans l’éducation de leurs enfants, les papas resteront toujours des papas et ils seront toujours les premiers à faire des bêtises avec bébé quand maman a dos tourné ! Alors, ici, pour notre plus grand plaisir on vous a fait une petite sélection de photos craquantes…

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"I have a few old sepia-toned photos of my dad holding me like his. Once, a long time ago, I had this kind of bond with my dad. Life changed things, poor decisions were made. But in the very beginning, our babies seek us out without judgement, with complete + utter love + adoration. There is nothing to forgive. And where there is, forgiveness is yesterday's thought. But while time heals wounds, it also makes way for new wounds. Open ❤s are vulnerable ❤s. When I look at this photo, I can't help but think of my own life, how it began, very much like the beautiful scene in this image, but also, how it evolved and eventually, descended into hard, stressful times that I had to forget because they were too difficult to carry around with me. I think back to the years of anger + resentment + hurt. I think about the rejection my siblings and I were put through by our dad. I think about my role in my children's life, as their mother…. and the choices that are before me every moment of every day that I am alive on this planet. I am very much aware that this moment right here is not an entitlement, it is not automatically handed to me. It is a gift, a privilege. That unwavering trust my baby has in me, will one day waver. It will waver if I let it. It will be shaken, if I am unsteady, or unreliable. It will fall, if I betray it. The choices I make, every step of the way, must continue to earn that trust, love and intimacy. Every parent and every human who opens their heart to another, must learn this, often painful, lesson. We must earn trust. We must act out our love. We must work on relationships, if we want them to flourish. I am so grateful that through taking photos of my amazing clients,… I am constantly learning + reflecting on my own choices in life. You beautiful people make me a better person. I hope my images and stories help to give you a moment to pause as well, to consider these thoughts, and maybe reflect on how they might apply to your lives as well. Life, after all, is the greatest university. And if we, life's students, share notes in and after class, we will all be stronger and better off as a whole." Words and image by @ellianagilbertphotography.

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